Reduced weight

Lower raw material prices

Easier to machine

High dimensional stability for complex shapes

Good corrosion resistance

Good mechanical properties

High thermal and electrical conductivity

Great strength at high temperatures


ADC3, 10, 12 ADC3, 10, 12 are commonly used die casting aluminum alloy, especially suitable for thin die casting parts, shrinks less, and v ery good machinability.
AlSi12(Fe) AlSi12(Fe) has excellent fluidity and high resistance to hot tearing. Good machinability as well as high chemical resistance with also good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
K-Alloy K-Alloy has excellent corrosion resistance , improved cooling due to better thermal conductivity , and eliminates the need for pre and post operations like anodizing and coating.
Zinc #3, #5 Zinc #3, #5 are the most widely used zinc alloy, which results in higher strength also has less ductility (decreased elongation), and is more readily finished, and machined.