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Changhua Diecasting Industrial Co., Ltd is an OEM manufacturer for aluminum/zinc die-casting parts since 1984. The 6600 m² manufacturing site locates in the middle-west of Taiwan, with more than 30 employees in production.

With over 30 years of experience working in the die casting industry, we are capable of manufacturing complicated design, achieving strong, light weight products with superior surface finish. Our die casting machineries range from 150 ton to 900 ton, and are capable of producing part weight up to 13lb.

As a medium sized family owned company, we have great flexibility in meeting any product requirements. Our services include integrated product assembly, OEM of steel/plastic/rubber products, extensive secondary processing from CNC machining, chrome plating, anodizing, painting, polishing …etc.


No.33-8, Lian-Fang, Lin Zi Li, Dou Nan Zhen, Yun Lin Xian, 63048, Taiwan  TEL : +886-5-5963901  FAX : +886-5-5963903